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Douglas E. Kougher
Myron J. McNutt
Rodney C. Fuge


In the fall of 1983, a group of nobles from Jefferson County came forward seeking information about forming a Shriner’s parade unit. Under the guidance and leadership of two distinguished Nobles, Vere Pifer and Harry “Ed” Dunkle, a number of meetings were held on the benefits of a Shrine Parade Unit in Jefferson County. By-laws were drawn up and submitted to Illustrious Potentate Jesse Zorger at Jaffa Shrine for approval. The presented by-laws were accepted and approved by Jaffa.

The Jefferson County Shrine Club – ATC Unit was chartered as an official Jaffa Shrine Unit in 1984. The name Jefferson County Shrine Club – ATC Unit was given to the unit to keep the identity and harmony with the Jefferson County Shrine Club. ATC is short for All Terrain Cycle. The President of the Shrine Club at that time was Harry Bhe.

The first elected officers of the Unit were: President — Vere Pifer, Vice-President – James Haney, Secretary/Treasurer – Raymond Goetz, Board of Directors: Harry Dunkle, Richard Dennison, and Howard “Skeeter” Cook (Noble Pifer served as president and active member until his death in 2001). Rodney Fuge was appointed unit leader in the beginning and remains so today.

The June 14, 1984 membership consisted of a total of 27 Nobles. Today, there are 41 members.
With the three-wheeler fad at its highest point of popularity, the Unit chose to purchase 1984 HONDA ATC BIG RED three-wheelers. Eleven members purchased bikes (Bob Beatty, Skeeter Cook, Ed Dunkle, Rod Fuge, Myron McNutt, John Means, Harold Pierce, Vere Pifer, Jack Shelper, Scrap Snyder and Keith Snyder). The three wheelers were delivered in May of 1984. Parade dress code of that time was black pants, white short sleeve shirt, nail shrine tie and fez. Six of the original bike owners are still active day (Skeeter Cook, Rod Fuge, Myron McNutt., Jack Shelper, Scrap Snyder and Keith Snyder). Ten of the original bikes are still owned by present unit members.

With a couple practices the unit participated in their first parade on June 23, 1984, at the Pennsylvania Laurel Festival Parade in Brookeville, PA. They also participated in their first Mid-Atlantic wine Convention Parade in September 1984 in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. The unit was presented 2nd place parade trophy.

In June of 1988 the uniform was to a one-piece blue jump suit. There was also a uniform change in 1991 to blue pants and a red vest, and yet another change in 2002 to black pants and an embroidered shirt.


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