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Elected Divan

David E. Dodson, Jr.
Christopher E. Ritchey
Chief Rabban
Randall L. Colyer
Assistant Rabban
Gary W. Smith
High Priest and Prophet
Eric L. Ramsey
Oriental Guide
Aaron J. Lantzy
Robert P. Baranik

Appointed Divan

Ryan L. Colyer
1st Ceremonial Master
Zachary L. Colyer
2nd Ceremonial Master
John H. Bollinger
Dwayne “Butch” Garman
Daniel M. Ramsey
Captain of the Guard
K. Dwayne Kaufman
Outer Guard

Shriners International Representatives

James F. Miller, PP
Shriners International Representative
David E. Dodson, Jr.
Shriners International Representative
Jordan W. Settle, PP
Shriners International Representative
Robin D. Harkins, PP
Shriners International Representative
Leon Collins
Rep. Emeritus

Trustees of Improvement Associations

Jason W. Wilkinson
Trustee (2022)
James E. Beauchamp
Director-at-Large (2018)
Ronald L. Eckstein
Director-at-Large (2017)
Robert A. Sipes
Trustee (2021)
Richard E. Himes
Director-At-Large (2019)
Jeffrey W. Somers
Trustee (2020)