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Jan-Feb 2019 Potentate’s Message

Nobles, Families, and Friends of Jaffa Shriners,

I am honored and humbled with the opportunity to serve our Temple as the 116th Potentate of Jaffa Shriners in 2019.  I would like to thank our nobility for their continued trust and support in myself as well as our entire divan as we lead Jaffa into the future.  I want to acknowledge everyone who had something to do with our annual business meeting, elections and 50-year pin ceremony. The day was a tremendous success with over 470 people in attendance, all capped off with an amazing prime rib dinner smoked for 24 hours by our very own Buddy Daughenbaugh.  

Congratulations to Illustrious Sir Bob Baranik and his Lady Sue for a tremendous year and thank them for their dedication to our Fraternity over the last 5 years.  Their leadership has kept our fraternity on the path of success; one that we will continue to grow upon.

There are so many great things we have here at Jaffa to be proud of.  Most notably our nobility. You represent what is great about Jaffa and I am honored to call you brothers.  Every room you walk into is better because you are there! Remember, the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.  The men who proudly wear a fez were born to be Shriners and the world is better for it.

I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the country visiting various temples, all of which hold Jaffa in such a high regard.  We received one of the best compliments of our nobility at fall MASA last year when our Imperial Chief Rabban, Imperial Sir Jeff Sowder, stated Jaffa was the best temple he has ever seen in a parade.  Jaffa receives compliments like these all of the time from Shriners everywhere. Be proud to be a Jaffa Shriner! Let’s always focus on the positives in every aspect of our lives. Remember, a negative mind will never give you a positive life.

It is not a hidden secret that our declining membership is our number one problem and concern at Jaffa.  We have an exciting year planned for 2019. One that will include our families and our communities; both of which are essential to our future success.  Let’s enjoy our events with our families and friends so that others see the fun and progress we make each and every day. We are confident that when others see what Jaffa has to offer, men will ask how to start their mystic journey.  For us to prosper, we will need both our family and community. Though our future is uncertain, it is bright. No matter what path life leads us down, I promise you we will go down it together.

We have two new events planned for this year which are geared to support our great philanthropy.  We will be hosting our very first Walk For Love™ on June 9th and on July 20th our Jaffa Hockey Team will be facing off against the Washington DC Firefighters in a charity game at Galactic Ice in Altoona.  Help us continue to be a global force for children and join us for these two events. More information on these events will come out in the next journal.

As we look to evolve to keep up with our ever-changing world, we need to look at how we operate to meet modern day needs.  Traditionally, we only voted on new members four times a year which corresponded to the four business meetings we are required to have in a calendar year.  Moving forward, we will have special meetings the months where a business meeting is not held for the purpose of voting on new petitions and conducting a short ceremonial.  The intent is to allow eager Freemasons to become Shriners in a timely manner so that they can become active in our fun, fellowship, and philanthropy. When someone shows interest in our fraternity, let’s keep their motivation moving without delay.

Now that we are a month and a half already into 2019, I would like to thank and congratulate the Co-chairs of the Mountain City Beer & Wine Festival, Scott Woomer and Ryan Baranik for organizing another fantastic event.  Despite a winter storm laying 6 inches of snow outside our door on the day of the event, over six hundred guests enjoyed an eventful beer and wine tasting with over 115 different options to choose from. I would also like to acknowledge the entire Mountain City Shiners club for all of their hard work and assistance in making this event such a successful fundraiser for Jaffa.

I would also like to congratulate Lanny Edwards, Uncle Dave Peterman and Lex Harding as being the recipients of the 2019 Jaffa Standard Bearer and Patient Spotlight Awards for exceptional meritorious service to our fraternity and philanthropy.  You will find a copy of their bios further in this journal.

Thank you again for bestowing upon me this great honor to serve our temple and I hope to see all of you at the Jaffa Sports Show in a couple days.

Remember, the single most important thing for our success is our ability to work together.  Individually we may be weak, but we will always be “Stronger Together”.

Jordan W. Settle

Potentate – 2019

Jaffa Shriners